Painted Moth

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A extra special joint for your tattoo and artsy, hole-poking and shiny bit needs.


A extra special joint for your tattoo and artsy needs.

Unlike butterflies, moths are usually misunderstood and overlooked. But, they are masters of survival. They manage to both fit into their surroundings and ward off others with their vibrant colors and unique designs. Whether you want to fit in or stand out, here at Painted Moth, we want to help your transformation come to life!

We're a friendly, fun, laid-back and kitschy shop. You are more then welcome to come by and see your favorite artist. We care about creating art that you (and we) will always be proud to show off.  We offer varied styles of tattoos, and customized artwork at fair prices! At Painted Moth, we are always willing to work with you to create a design that fits your style and price range.

We do our best to accommodate walk-ins but appointments are preferred. Also, feel free to make an appointment or stop by the shop to talk to our artists about design ideas. Shop minimum is $60 and $120 per hour.