Painted Moth

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A extra special joint for your tattoo and artsy, hole-poking and shiny bit needs.

About Chelsea

Hello!!  I'm Chelsea.  I've been drawing since I was very young and have always wanted to do something with art.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to tattooing eventually,  even though tattoos and tattooing wasn't something that had ever crossed my mind.  I have been tattooing now for about six years.  I am always working on improving as well as establishing my own style so that my 'voice' can come through any piece of art I work on.

I absolutely love color.  And I love getting excited about ideas that people are people are passionate about.  Pieces that are fun and show a love and joy for something get my blood pumping.

I first started drawing and falling in love with drawing and painting because of comics books, anime and cartoons, so I will always have a special affinity for them and their style.  Growing up with 'dorky/nerdy' things have definitely influenced me and my art.

Chelsea's Portfolio